Twitter Fights Back Against Pizza-Shaming Fitness Blog 

by Tod Perry

February 22, 2017
via Flickr user (cc) Tom Diakum

The Naija Gym claims to be the number one fitness blog in Nigeria. On Twitter, they do a commendable job of sharing health tips and motivational memes to keep its followers healthy. But last week, the blog made a major misstep by touching the dangerous third rail of nutrition: pizza. The only people who don’t love pizza are the lactose intolerant and they still dream about it five nights a week. So when Naija Gym Blog put out the following tweet, they understandably took hell for it.

After the tweet, the hate began to roll in from people of all races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Undeterred by all of the pro-pizza voices who bravely spoke out, Naija Gym Blog came back with a poll to see where people really stand. At press time, 90 percent of the 14,000 people who voted admitted they would eat pizza regardless of the amount of oil it contains.


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